Volume 1
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VOLUME 1, 1995

Volume 1 of the Case Reports of the Mormon Alliance is focused on child sexual abuse. About half of Volume I (Part 1) deals with contextual materials: official statements on sexual abuse, reports of how other churches handle sexual abuse, and about thirty cases that have been reported in the newspapers involving criminal prosecutions and/or lawsuits against Mormons involved in child sexual abuse, including a suit for $750 million in West Virginia in which the Church is named as a defendant for negligence.

The other half of Volume 1 (Part 2) consists of three complex cases from the same ward, two involving bishops as alleged perpetrators; no criminal prosecutions were ever filed but two mothers were excommunicated for "embarrassing the Church" by refusing to be quiet about abuse occurring to children.

Case Reports of the Mormon Alliance, Volume 1, 1995 is copyright 1996 by the Mormon Alliance.