Part 2
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Part 2
Secondary Abuse

Chapter 5 McConkie and Dad: Memories, Dreams, and a Rejection A Personal Essay

Chapter 6 Context and Analysis: "You Have Heard True Doctrine Taught": Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s 1981-82 Addresses


Summary (Not part of the printed edition)

Part 2 examines the topic of secondary abuse—or the "innocent bystander" phenomenon. Although a single person may be singled out for punishment, that punishment affects relatives, friends, professional associates, and strangers. The abused person may become a cautionary lesson of how to stay out of "trouble" with the Church.  

Chapter 5 is the personal experience of David G. Pace, whose father, George Pace, received a summary, public chastisement. This chapter describes the effect on the family of George Pace.

Chapter 6 gives a biographical overview of George Pace, summarizes the contents of his book, quotes from publicly available reports on Elder McConkie’s attacks, then recounts some of the public reactions and responses to those attacks, including George Pace’s letter of "clarification" and apology. Lavina Fielding Anderson's analysis of David Pace's experience and Elder McConkie's statements concludes the chapter.